Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds: Reasons and Solutions

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Have you ever caught your pup going all-out on their bed like they're trying to dig their way to China or something? It's a scene that's both hilarious and head-scratching. But hey, don't worry! In this article, we're diving deep into why our furry pals do this quirky digging thing. Plus, we'll dish out some tips on how to handle it if your dog gets a bit too carried away with their adventures.

So, let's roll up our sleeves and dig into the fascinating world of canine behavior!

Why Dogs Dig: The Nature Behind It

Dogs dig for all sorts of reasons, kinda like how humans have different hobbies and interests. Let's break it down:


You know how some people have the instinct to organize everything or build stuff? Well, for dogs, digging is in their DNA.

It goes way back to when their ancestors dug dens for shelter and raising pups. It's like their natural habitat-building mode kicks in.

Scratching a bed out of boredom

Imagine being stuck at home with nothing to do. You'd probably find ways to entertain yourself, right? Dogs are the same. If they're left alone for too long without anything fun to do, they might start digging just to pass the time.

Digging to seek comfort

Dogs are smart when it comes to finding cozy spots. They might dig to create a cool spot in hot weather or a warm spot in the cold. It's like they're customizing their own sleeping arrangements!

Hunt and seek

Some dogs have a real knack for hunting or scavenging. They'll dig to uncover hidden treasures like rodents or buried treats. It's like a game of hide-and-seek for them.

Stress release

Dogs have feelings, too, you know! When they're stressed or anxious, digging can be a way for them to let off steam. It's like a stress-relief activity for them.

Attention grabber

Dogs are social creatures, and sometimes, they'll do whatever it takes to get noticed. If they see that digging gets your attention, they might keep doing it just to see you react.

Breeds Prone to Digging


These guys are like the Olympic champions of digging. They've got a heritage of hunting underground critters like it's their favorite game. So, if you've got a Jack Russell Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, or a Dachshund, don't be surprised if they start digging like they're on a mission.


Ah, the majestic Huskies! They're like the adventurers of the dog world. With their boundless energy and explorer spirit, they might just decide your backyard is their next Arctic expedition.


Beagles are like the Sherlock Holmes of dogs, always sniffing out clues. So, if they catch a whiff of something interesting buried in your yard, they won't hesitate to start digging up the evidence.


Labs are goofballs with hearts of gold. But sometimes, all that energy and enthusiasm can lead them to a bit of mischief. If they're not kept busy, they might decide to take up gardening — by digging up your flower beds!


With their boundless energy and playful personalities, Dalmatians might see your yard as their personal playground. If they're not entertained, they might start digging up some fun of their own.

Top Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Digging In Their Bed

Here are some tips to help prevent your dog from transforming their cozy spot into a digging pit:

Tire them out

You know how, after a long day, all you want to do is crash on the couch? Well, dogs are the same! Make sure your furry friend gets plenty of playtime and walks so they're too pooped to dig up their bed.

Get the right bed

It's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears — your dog needs a bed that's just right! Make sure it's comfy and the right size for them. If they're cozy and snug, they're less likely to feel the urge to dig around.

Distract and redirect

If you catch your dog digging in their bed, don't go barking mad! Instead, gently steer their attention elsewhere, like with a fun toy or a tasty treat. Positive reinforcement works wonders!

Designated digging zone

It's like giving them their own little sandbox! Create a spot in the yard filled with soft soil or sand where they can dig to their heart's content. Encourage them to dig there instead of in their bed, and praise them when they use their designated digging spot.

Keep it fresh

Just like you love fresh sheets on your bed, your pup appreciates a clean bed, too! Wash their bedding regularly to keep it smelling fresh and free of dirt and debris that might tempt them to dig.

Exercise their brain

Dogs love a good mental challenge! Keep them entertained with puzzle toys or games that make them think. A tired brain is just as good as a tired body when it comes to preventing digging.

Address anxiety

If your dog's digging seems to be driven by anxiety or stress, it's like tackling the root cause of the problem. Talk to your vet or a professional trainer to find ways to help your pup feel more at ease. If you’re short on time or financial resources, you can also explore courses for separation anxiety within the Woofz app.

Wrap Up

So, if your furry friend is digging up your backyard or takes hours to get comfortable in their bed, it's like they're trying to tell you something. They might need more playtime, a comfy bed, or maybe just a little extra love and attention. So, with a little patience and some positive reinforcement, you'll have your pup happily snoozing in their bed without any digging shenanigans in no time!

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Ela Brumm

A certified dog trainer with a background in Behavior Science, Canine psychology, and Pet First Aid Safety

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Ela Brumm

A certified dog trainer with a background in Behavior Science, Canine psychology, and Pet First Aid Safety